The Ambleteuse fort is one of the Opale coastline’s historical gems. The rounded shapes, legends and history inspired the Bernard brothers to make this cheese that bears its name. This speciality is brushed with organic cider from the Leduc family, apple growers with orchards just a few kilometres from the dairy.

Our work

To make Fort D’Ambleteuse, we begin by sourcing milk from our local producers. The milk is then pasteurised by heating it to 72° for 15 seconds. Then the cheese is moulded to resemble the rounded shape of the Fort d’Ambleteuse. The cheeses are then brushed regularly with local Brunembert cider. This process adds taste and strengthens the character of our cheese. Fort d’Ambleteuse is matured in the cellar for four to five weeks.

Good to know ...

Fort d’Ambleteuse has a fairly pronounced aroma typical of soft cheese with a washed rind. The rind is orange on the surface and the centre is a creamy colour. Smooth and creamy on the palate, the rind gives off a slight aroma of apples. This cheese, especially melted, lends itself to cooking. Try it in the oven or add it to your favourite dishes.

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EEC No: EN 62-889-030 EC

Features: Soft washed rind cheese with Brunembert cider

Gencod: 3770001691053

MG on dry extract: 45% MG

MG on finished product: 22.5% MG

Weight: 400grs mini

Storage: 2 months after production

DLOU: 4-5 weeks

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk from our village.

Other: Lactic ferments, rennet, salt, lysozyme, natural surface dye (rocou), cider.