Mimolette De La Côte D’opale


Mimolette is a typical Nord-Pas-de-Calais cheese. It was created under the reign of King Louis XIV when importation of Dutch cheese was banned. The French decided to make their own Edam-style cheese. The orangey colour comes from the food colouring called annatto, which was added to differentiate the two cheeses. The Bernard brothers wanted to perpetuate tradition and decided to enhance it with their expertise. The Mimolette de la Côte d’Opale was born.

Our work

Côte d’Opale Mimolette is made with raw milk freshly sourced from neighbouring farms. It is moulded, then pressed to extract as much whey as possible to create a homogeneous texture. The cheeses are then placed in the cellar, where they are injected with cheese mites, miniature acarians that feed on the rind as it matures. This technique allows the cheese to breathe. The maturation period for Mimolette varies from three to twelve months. It is bigger and softer than a classic Mimolette because it is made from whole milk!

Good to know ...

Carefully selected whole raw milk makes all the difference in our Mimolette. It makes a lovely mild and tender cheese that wins over our youngest fans. If you prefer something stronger, we also mature our Mimolette to make a harder version which has some bite. Tip: Don’t eat the rind which is treated with dust mites.

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EEC No: EN 62-889-030 EC

Features: Pressed cheese, the inside of the dough is orange

Gencod: 3770001691121

MG on dry extract: 41% MG

MG on finished product: 24% MG

Weight: 3 to 4 Kg

Storage: 6 months after production

DLOU: 3 months

Ingredients: Raw cow milk from our village

Other: Lactic ferments, rennet, salt, cream, surface flower, Lactic ferments, rennet, salt, lysozyme, natural surface dye (rocou E 160B)