Dôme de Boulogne cheese is a tribute to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Boulogne-sur-Mer. It is just one of the many historic monuments adorning our stunning Opale coastline. Its majestic dome, which inspired the Bernard brothers, towers over the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer. A resounding success, the Dôme was even served to the Queen of England during celebrations for the Channel Tunnel inauguration.

Our work

Dôme de Boulogne is a soft cheese with a bloomy rind. Made with raw milk from our local producers, enriched with cream. It is moulded in our workshops with a spoon to create the dome shape. The domes are then put in the maturing cellar to allow the taste and thin white rind to develop.

Good to know ...

The thin rind of the Dôme is white and covered with a fine white down. Unlike Écume de Wimereux, the texture of the Dôme starts chalky, then melts in the mouth. It has a creamy aroma with a slightly briny note. The texture is chalky then melts in the mouth, with a very slight bitterness. It has a creamy aroma with a slightly briny note.


EEC No: EN 62-889-030 EC

Features: Soft cheese

Gencod: 3770001691060

MG on dry extract: 60% MG

MG on finished product: 30% MG

Weight: 450grs mini

Storage: 1 month after production

DLOU: 1 month

Ingredients: Raw cow milk from our village

Other: Lactic ferments, rennet, salt, cream, surface flower