Écume de Wimereux


The heavenly landscapes of the Côte d’Opale enjoy a varied climate. Some days bathed in sunlight, other days are washed by the wind and rain. Storms and strong winds are part of the area’s charm. After a storm, foam from the sea can sometimes be found in the streets of Wimereux. This white foam caused by strong winds that stirs the elements also stirred the Bernard brothers’ inspiration. They created Écume de Wimereux, a cheese with a thin white rind that pays tribute to the seaside resort it’s named after.

Our work

Écume de Wimereux is a soft cheese with bloomy rind. It is made from raw milk. We then add cream to please the most demanding epicureans. It is moulded with artisan methods in our workshop at the Ferme du Vert to make the finest cheese possible. The outside is white with a fine down. Inside, it’s soft and creamy.

Good to know ...

Our Écume de Wimereux matures over time. When it’s young, it has a mild, slightly briny flavour. After two to three weeks, it develops a more pronounced, saltier personality with a pungent hint. We also make seasonal variations of the Écume: Écume à la Truffe d’Été de la Saint-Jean with summer truffle and l’Écume à l’Ail des Ours with wild garlic.

It’s also the ideal cheese for cooking. Try it in your favourite dishes, such as risotto, a quiche or in a sauce. Écume de Wimereux can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be found in the Haut-de-France region where it is stocked in most large and medium-sized stores, in our shop, and at your delicatessen or dairy supplier.


EEC No.: FR62-889-030 EC

Features: Soft cheese with flowery rind

Gencod: 3770001691046

MG on dry extract: 61% MG

MG on finished product: 24% MG

Weight: 200 g mini

DDM: 35 days on package

Ingredients: Raw cow’s milk from our village

Other: Raw cow’s milk, cream, lactic ferments, salt, rennet, surface flower