Pavé de Calais


The Pavé de Calais, formerly known as Brique des Flandres, is a soft cheese with a washed rind. An original Bernard brothers creation, it is a tribute to Rodin’s Burghers of Calais statue. The shape and orange colour echo the cobblestones surrounding the statue and the Calais belfry.


Our work

Pavé de Calais is made from milk collected from local farms. Once in our workshop, the milk is pasteurised. We then add annatto, a natural orange food colouring to colour the cheese. The cheese is then moulded into the shape of a brick. Finally, it is matured in our cellars for four to five weeks. During this period, the cheese is regularly washed with annatto to develop the good bacteria that gives it its singular flavour.

Good to know ...

The rind has a moist appearance, and the centre is orange. This characterful cheese is robust on the palate due to the rind, but the centre is quite mild. It can be found in the Haut-de-France region where it is stocked in most large and medium-sized stores, in our shop, and at your delicatessen or dairy supplier.

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EEC No: EN 62-889-030 EC

Features: Soft washed rind cheese

Gencod: 3770001691022

MG on finished product: 45% MG

MG on dry extract: 22.5% MG

Weight: 400grs mini

Storage: 2 months after production

DLOU: 4-5 weeks

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk from our village

Other: Lactic ferments, rennet, salt, lysozyme, natural surface dye (rocou: E160B- E525)